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Keep Our Vows Couples and Marriage  Ministry

We started this ministry, "Keep Our Vows," because we saw so many couples in the church and ministry going through divorces over issues that could have been resolved with some wisdom, experience, and counsel. We believe that marriage is important to God and that He brings couples together to be empowered and united against the enemy of darkness and to accomplish the Great Commission. As a couple, you can be a light in the darkness and hope for the world, bring help and healing to others, and build a strong family, home, and beautiful future.  

Every marriage requires hard-work, dedication, unconditional love, encouragement, devotion, and spiritual growth to survive the challenges and hardships that come. We are hear to speak in to your life and marriage and help you to become united together in power, prayer, peace, love, joy, and devotion.

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Marriage Ministry: Walking in Love



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