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Dare to Dream Leadership Coaching

Dare2Dream is dedicated to equipping and inspiring people from all walks of life to live life to its fullest. Dr. James & Lynette Owens are the founders of this organization.


We are in the business of serving people with knowledge, inspiration, and education. Our services include scheduled events that are entertaining, educational, and inspirational. We have speakers and business leaders who will inspire you to, “Go For It and Succeed!” These different speakers have attained success in their perspective fields and they will encourage you to fulfill your Dreams and destiny no matter the challenges you face in life. You have a great opportunity to receive Life and Success Coaching through our Dare2Dream Leadership Consulting.


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Leadership, Wisdom, Encouragement, & Inspiration

There's Greatness Inside of You

Inspiration, Encouragement, & Wisdom

Strive & Press Forward

Don't Give Up In The Face of Challenges 

Keep Pressing Forward...


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