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Global Christians Network Platform

As Christians we are very aware of the importance of surrounding ourselves with like-minded spirit-filled people in business, ministry, and life. Being united is a covering of protection against the attacks of the enemy and allows us to extend a helping hand when someone is need. Even our businesses and ministries flourish, when a Christian community supports our goals and visions.  When we are united, there is more power in prayer, more anointing in ministry, more encouragement, we can accomplish bigger dreams and goals.  This platform is meant to be a place where Christians can connect, communicate, learn, help each other and work together. This is a global platform for Christians. 

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We have an Evangelistic Ministry. We unite Pastors, Ministers, and Evangelists to accomplish the Great Commission. We train Christian leaders to spread the Gospel, Walk in the Fullness of their Calling, and Send Them Out to ministers throughout the United States and throughout The World.  At Hope For America  we are fulfilling the Great Commission within our cities, our country, and globally; by sharing the message of Jesus Christ to all and giving everyone an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Join us in this great endeavor.  The larger our team grows, the greater our impact will be throughout America and the world.


Our Mission Statement

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